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For Great Fun, Hire Jaime Monroy For Your LIVE Events or TV/Film Projects!












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Emcee- From Celebrity Events to Beauty Pageants your Emcee sets the tone for your entire event! Hire one of the best, Jaime Monroy! His smooth style, fun and entertaining personality keeps your audience entertained and your event running smoothly and on time.            


Email Me to Emcee:

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TV Warm-Up- Television Production Companies get one of the best when they hire Jaime Monroy! He is an established TV Warm-Up Man. In-studio audiences enjoy the live taping process with Jaime's warm-up style that contributes to great reactions for the live in-studio tapings. He has warmed up television shows, talk shows to iconic sitcoms like Golden Girls and Cheers! And soon coming to your taping.

Celebrity Photo JM E! Edit.jpg

Celebrity Red Carpet TV Host- His fun sense of 

humor, extensive knowledge of Hollywood, and charm

really connect with the Stars that translate to the viewers

in an entertaining, refreshing way!


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Your TV Show: 

of the most inspirational and uplifting speakers for any event! 

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Speaker at Your Next Event:

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Celebrity Guest Speaker: Jaime Monroy lives a life that movies are made from! His brush with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, entertaining personality, and real life stories filled with life's setbacks and laughter that make him one

Industry Representation


(Seeking New Representation)


Talent Management:

(Seeking New Management) 

Previous Management:

Starmaker Jay Bernstein,

Jay Bernstein Productions

Previous Management:

Idolmaker Robert P. Marcucci, Chancellor Entertainment 

Previous Management:

Rick Marcelli and Danny Heller, Marcelli-Heller Company 

Publicist: Harlan Boll, Harlan Boll Public Relations,

Red Carpet Celebrity Events: 

Jaime Monroy Studios,

Jacqueline M. Lewis, Producer,

269 South Beverly Drive, #734 Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

For All Kids Foundation photo - orig.jpg

Jaime Monroy, Inspiring Guest Speaker!

Leeza - Alzheimers.jpg

Jaime Monroy joins Leeza Gibbons fight against Alzheimers 



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diversity awards.jpg
UCLA Tiverton House.jpg
Deaf West.jpg

Jaime Monroy helps kids to be healthy and believe in their dreams.

Casting Soc of Am.jpg
Women In Film.jpg

"Everyone sitting in the room laughed hard and learned something about themselves and had a great time! Thank you Jaime Monroy!"

Jerry Lewis Telathon photo - orig.jpg

Jaime Monroy, Supports Disability Awareness Month

"Jaime, I learned more from your guest speaking than I did at any other seminar! You were so helpful and gracious with your time, taking photos with everyone who attended!"

Univ. of Judaism.jpg
Rosie's kids.jpg
Starlight Foundation.jpg
RADD logo.jpg

"Jaime Monroy, we love the way that you inspire and encourage people to embrace who they really are and to use their uniqueness to succeed in their careers and life."

Kids Peace.jpg

Jaime Monroy with Holocaust Survivors Foundation

"Jaime Monroy, a great asset to any TV production and one of the best warm-up guys in the business!

-Executive Producer Norman Checkor (CBS)

Grammy's 2016.jpg

Jaime Monroy, TV Warm-Up

Children's Miracle Network.jpg

Jaime, thank you for always being there. Your tireless dedication to lifting up others is a gift to all of us!   

- Rosie O'Donell

Testimonial Guest Speaker.jpg
Testimonial Leeza's Care Connection.png
Warm Up.jpg

Jaime Monroy, Red Carpet TV Host

"Jaime, on behalf of our entire staff, I want to thank you for being such a fantastic guest speaker! We were thrilled with the response we received from all who attended as one person put it, "I'm amazed at Jaime Monroy's insight and wisdom." Another person commented, "He was incredible and had such a great sense of humor!""

"You are a wealth of industry knowledge, your feedback was spot on! You definitely have a gift to be able to pin point specifics and verbalize it in a way that clicks in a persons mind."

"Jaime Monroy, has a gift!"

-Judd Apatow, Comedian, Producer/Director

(Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin)

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Jaime Monroy

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