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Jaime Monroy

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Hollywood Desperado

A Three Part Novel
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America's Latin Prince (cover).jpg
Hollywood Desperado: America's Latin Prince

"Hollywood Desperado: is the inspirational true story of Jaime Monroy, who like most of us, has a dream. Struggling to fit in, he becomes determined to stand out! As a street smart, fearless kid from the barrio of East Los Angeles, he uses his head and his heart seeking fame and fortune in the bright lights of Hollywood.

South of the Blvd.jpg
Hollywood Desperado: South of the Boulevard

A kid who does ordinary things in an extraordinary way, Jaime Monroy knows what he wants and goes for it with an all or nothing conviction and relentless energy, taking the reader as a passenger on a rollercoaster of excitement, risk, and disappointments, going for dreams on moment and the next, having to face obstacles and setbacks.

Hollywood Desperado: Rebel Royalty

Making all audiences laugh and Latinos proud, Jaime Monroy has had his share of misfortunes and career success. Filled with laughter, tears, struggle, but most of all faith, this insightful, unique memoir - part stand up comedy, part self-help, reveals Jaime Monroy's unshakable shining spirit of optimism and hope, which keeps this persevering underdog on target and get the job done and succeed. 



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Jaime Monroy

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